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The Sincerest Love – The Love for Food

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We’re not telling you to give up your current relationship, but consider food for the long-term; it can make you happy in many different ways.
“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw

We may love men or women, or our kids, our sports teams or our parents, but nothing quite matches the love we have for our food.

Here’s what makes food so special.

Food consistently pleases us. Who can say the same thing about your wife or husband? We are hungry many times during the day, and good old food is there to satisfy our needs. And, food doesn’t get a headache or watch football games when you have something else on your mind.
Food sustains us. How grateful we all are to a substance that nurtures and sustains us. Plus, it tastes good and it can be fun. What’s not to like?
Food brings people together. Not only is food life sustaining, but it often joins us as couples, family and friends. How many dates start over a great dinner? Guys like to bond with their football, nachos and chips. And, let’s not forget Mom’s Thanksgiving Dinner or the warmth of a Passover or Easter meal.
Food comes in many varieties. Your spouse is your spouse, your kids are your kids, your parents are your parents, and, unless you have a very narrow diet, food can always be something else. The brain NEEDS novelty. It makes life richer. And with food, the brain gets endless choices: Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, American, Turkish, or Indian, breakfast, lunch or dinner, fillet mignon or vanilla ice cream, you name it. And, we love it.
Food doesn’t talk back. She’s a giver. (If you prefer a masculine pronoun, go for it.) She will not reject you when you smell or feel tired or you’re in a bad mood. She’s there to do her thing. To satisfy.
Food lets you give to her. Yes, you can give to an inanimate object by reading new recipes, watching The Food Network and, of course, preparing a dish. The act of cooking is creative and the results can be satisfying, particularly if you just prepared new dish for a slew of happy dinner guests.
Food lets you give your love to others. We can use food to show our affection and love for others. She is highly useful for this purpose. Your food can satisfy a “starving” child or an exhausted husband. Or, better yet, think of your wife starting her 40th birthday with breakfast in bed. Sadly food is sometimes used as vehicle of control. Ask the children of a controlling parent or an anorexic. Yet, when you think about it, food herself is never to blame.
Food causes problems, but she’s not to blame. And, forgive me, but this is the delicious part. If you get a stomach ache, you chose to overeat. If you gain weight, no matter how enticing ice cream and chocolate may be, it’s your problem. Food is off the hook. How many relationships fail because a person can’t take ownership of a problem? With food, the problem is always your judgment. She gets a free ride.
So, enjoy your feasting. It’s a love that can really last.

And, by the way, you may want to eat with some friends and family.

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