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July 1st 2010

Best of the Food Blogs

Nick Wyke

A Cook’s Library ( Niche: Ex-fashion writer turned slow foodie Karen Homer writes about seasonal and sustainable grub inspired by great books about food.

Log on: Her “addiction” to cookery books such as The Chez Panisse Café Cookbook, by Alice Waters, and Michael Pollan’s In Defence of Food informs her own recipe posts and ruminations on food issues.

Recent posts: Light summery recipes for lemon and olive oil mayonnaise and spinach, anchovy and Parmesan tart, as well as a “shop beyond the barcode” defence of organic box schemes and farmers’ markets.

Top tip: “Try serving samphire to children — they love the crunchy saltiness.”

Taster: There are posts on how to use up a leftover chicken or make lemon balm soup and useful lists of cookbooks and suppliers who follow the Slow Food ethos of good, clean, fair food. Homer has an extra passion for artisan cheeses and home-made stocks.

Most commented: Steak tartare made with rump steak and “raw-milk” home-made ricotta — stir up most enthusiasm.

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I admit these are not food books, haven’t published any of those . . . yet. But if you like my sustainable attitude to food you might like my musings and advice on fashion too – ‘Buy Quality, Keep Forever’  about sums it up!

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