About Me

My name is Karen Homer. I am an ex-fashion writer turned food writer and I am PASSIONATE about food: seasonal, sustainable and slow food.

Slow food is about buying local, supporting small producers and preserving heritage breeds of animals and species of plants. It is about allowing artisans who are devoted to their traditional method of food production to stay in business. But above all it is about ENJOYING food and teaching our children that good food equals a good life.

For starters, if you want to know what good food is click on What to Eat and Why. Then go to the local farmer’s market and buy some good food from someone who grows it. Go home and cook it, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Pour yourself a glass of wine, gather your family round the table and sit down and eat . . . and talk. . . and listen . . . and savour.

Through my recipes, food features (and occasional rant!) I would love to share my cook’s library with you: books about food culture and food travels, the odd, consciousness-raising book on food politics and, of course the cookbooks I devour as hungrily as the food I buy in the farmer’s markets, produce markets and specialist food shops of London.

I cook for a family so plenty of recipes are for family food. I cook simply too – I’d rather spend the money on good ingredients and let them speak for themselves so nothing is difficult and little is time consuming. If nothing else I hope you’ll find this site good reading, teach you a little about food and maybe inspire you a to cook something new.

For more about the way I shop, cook and eat click here

Lastly, if you like my style of writing about food you might like my sustainable attitude to fashion – buy quality, keep it forever. My previous books include: Things a Woman Should Know About Style and Things a Woman Should Know About Shoes.